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    • Connecting Unconnected Media

    • Track reader engagement and purchases in print for the first time

    • Make the audience you can't see into one you can

    • The power of online, offline

    • Measure engagement in print

    • Transform the perceived consumer into the known customer


    Connecting Unconnected Media


    Buy product directly from images on the pages of magazine and newspapers with a single-click. Clique work with traditional print publishers to increase the value they receive from each page of their publications. It allows retailers and media owners to gain valuable insight into the consumer and to maximise the value of customer data. Clique tracks and attributes each engagement and sale to the publication and media owner where the image appeared.

    • Media Owners

      Sell products directly to your readers from images in your editorial. Earn commission, transform perceived readers into known customers and create commercial links.

    • Retailers

      Benefit from this new sales channel which allows direct sales, retargeting, frictionless payment and attribution. Understand more about your PR activity!

    • Data

      Identify, recognise, track and connect with the offline consumer. Clique can help you to build databases which segment and profile data to create a single customer view.